holistic design consulting for the future of 3D printed medical implants

The Challenge

Design consulting for an early-stage medtech startup. Enable spin-off teams from the Technical University of Munich to take off, by supporting them with their business strategy, brand definition and design and product design from the perspective of the user. 

Interdisciplinary team of four together with
Susi Dreyer
Lars Lubatschowski
David Ruf
Three months

Starting Point

The startup KUMOVIS has an idea for a vision and a technology prototype. The founder team developed technology to make 3D printing of high-grade plastic like PEEK reliable, precise and cheap enough for medical-grade bone implant manufacturing. This brings improved treatment quality through custom implants to patients.

Identified project focus points at kick-off

Research & Strategy

Desk & Design Research

Thoroughly understand the founding motivation, technology and business model of KUMOVIS. Get to know the context and stakeholders of medical implant manufacturing as the basis for designing a relevant solution.

Testing the business model from the perspective of all stakeholders

Touchpoints to Design

A 3D print printing system and service provider. Based on the conducted design research, focus areas are selected in order to create a holistic and user experience and future-proof design DNA for KUMOVIS.


Brand Definition Workshop

Co-creating the brand strategy and identity with the founders. Utilising the golden-circle-approach to define the brand core (why), visual lead motives as the basis for the identity and the big idea of KUMOVIS.

Founding team during brand workshop activity

Card sorting for brand visual design direction

Getting to the core of the founding motivation

Brand Visual Design Ideation

Ideating multiple brand visual design concepts. Always in line with the product and business design and clearly communicating the brand core values.

Ideation for brand elements and matching product design language in three directions

Brand Detail Design

Creating a brand system that gives guidance for digital, print and physical implementation. The logo system, typography and colour palette combined with implementation principles allow for a long-lasting and consistent brand.

Experience & Product

Usability Workshop and User Verification

Co-creating the product user experience journey with day-to-day-users and arranging the technological component packaging accordingly: by building rapid cardboard prototypes to evaluate usability and accessibility throughout the whole implant manufacturing process, the machine is defined completely by function.

Full-scale card board prototyping for ergonomic and usability testing

User journey for the complete implant manufacturing process

Product Design DNA

Form aesthetics, based on a design DNA derived from the brand values and usability. Valid and applicable not only for this product, but for all future ones to come.

Selecting design details from first ideation sketches

Weekly progress presentation for the client

Product Detail Design

Usability for everyday use, maintenance and transportation thought through completely. All design decisions for the physical and digital design are based on providing the most seamless experience for production and research workflows.

Prototyping & Engineering

Design-to-Series- Production

Adjustment of the internal components required a product redesign. All usability aspects were kept or even improved and the product design adjusted to match series production requirements.

Series production prototyping


Holistic Service Experience

The KUMOVIS experience. The launch of the new brand, company strategy and first product peek took place at FormNext 2018.