Holistic design consulting for the future of 3D-printed medical implants as a service.

Three months
Interdisciplinary team – myself together with Susi Dreyer, Lars Lubatschowski, David Ruf
The Challenge

Consult an early-stage medtech startup on human-centered design. Enable the team to take off by shaping a sensible product / service strategy, corporate identity and implementation based on the needs of their users. 



The Outcome
Research & Strategy, Corporate Identity, Touchpoint Experience, Product Usability and Shape, Engineering


Starting Point

The KUMOVIS startup team develops technology to make 3D printing of high-grade plastic like PEEK reliable, precise and cheap enough for medical-grade bespoke bone implant manufacturing. At project kick-off, they had a technology prototype ready and it was their vision to bring improved treatment quality to patients. We began by identifying project focus points that will support them to take off as a company.

Research & Strategy

Understanding the users, context and business

We started by thoroughly understanding the founding motivation, technology and business model of KUMOVIS and emerged into the context and stakeholders of medical implant manufacturing as a solid basis for design decisions. Empirical research conducted by user and expert interviews as well as in-field observations.

Synthesising research insights

The key insight was the need for a 3D print printing system, complemented by supporting services, rather than a stand-alone printer. Based on the research results, we selected focus areas with the team to deliver a holistic 3D printing experience based on a future-proof design DNA.


Co-creating the identity core

Through co-creation workshops with the founders, we developed the brand strategy and identity for KUMOVIS. Utilising the golden-circle-approach to define the identity core (why), summarise the »big idea« of KUMOVIS as well as the visual theme as the basis for corporate design.

Ideating brand and experience principles

Translating the identity core into brand elements, product design language and experiences by exploring concepts across multiple touchpoints. Weekly reviews with the founders as well as with stakeholders allowed ideas to be quickly tested.

Detailling the corporate design

Creating a brand system as guidance for digital, print and physical implementation. The logo system, typography and colour palette combined with implementation principles allow for a long-lasting and consistent brand.

Experience & Product

Co-creating and testing usability and product experience

Designing and testing the product journey and interaction in a workshop with day-to-day-users, followed by the rearrangement of technological component packaging accordingly. We applied full-scale rapid cardboard prototypes to evaluate usability, ergonomics and accessibility for the whole implant manufacturing process. The design of the machine is driven completely by function.

Developing the product identity in detail

It was the goal to develop product design principles that are implementable with the most simple manufacturing capabilities and work for all future products to come. Usability for everyday use, maintenance and transportation thought through completely. All design decisions for the physical and digital design are based on providing a seamless experience for production and research workflows.


Prototyping & Engineering

Implementing and prototyping for series production

Resulting from the fast-paced startup world, adjustment of internal components required a product redesign. Following the design principles, all usability aspects of the previous iteration were kept or even improved while working closely with manufacturing partners and prototyping series production.

The KUMOVIS identity system

The design process resulted in a holistic identity system for a coherent  experience across all (future) KUMOVIS products and services. The launch of the new brand, company strategy and first product peek took place at FormNext 2018.